Third Transmission and Money Run, signed


Image of Third Transmission and Money Run, signed

Two fantastic YA thrillers, both autographed, at an amazing price!

"Just. Plain. Awesome. I sat down with (MONEY RUN) with no real intention of starting that night, I was just checking it out. Next thing I know, it is 2 o’clock in the morning and I finished it. Thriller, indeed." —Alise, Readers In Wonderland

"A thumping, pumping, tightly configured and deftly researched tale that takes his sixteen-year-old hero on a new series of missions; missions that link together like chain mail in an astonishing plot-weave that works so well, you could peel it off the pages and slap it on a movie screen. Indeed, Third Transmission is so aesthetically-driven, reading it is like watching an action blockbuster unfolding in your head. Heath writes with clear, detailed and dexterous descriptives, however, the plotline isn’t sidetracked or bogged down in the process – the author has a knack for combining a fast pace plotline and lots of action with a narrative that is colourful and totally immersing." —Tania McCartney, author of Tottie and Dot