Other books

Most of Jack's novels are available from most bookstores around the world. (A few notable exceptions; Remote Control is out of print, Third Transmission is hard to find except here and Dead Man Running is not widely available. More details at jackheath.com.au/contact/)

The Fero Dremovich series
The Cut Out (August, 2015 – shortlisted for best children’s book at the 2016 Aurealis Awards) – Teachers’ notes
The Fail Safe (September, 2016)

The Danger series
300 Minutes Of Danger (September, 2016)
Countdown To Danger: Bullet Train Disaster (February, 2016)
Countdown To Danger: Shockwave (May, 2016)
400 Minutes Of Danger (August, 2016)

The Scream Series
The Human Flytrap (2015)
The Spider Army (2015)
The Haunted Book (August, 2015)
The Squid Slayer (August, 2015)

The Ashley Arthur series
Money Run (2008) – Buy now | Teachers’ notes
Hit List (2010)

The Six of Hearts series
The Lab (2006)
Remote Control (2007, out of print)
Third Transmission (2009) – Buy now
Dead Man Running (2011, out of print)

Other novels
Replica (2014) – Teachers’ notes
Ink, Inc. (2013) – (currently 20% off at Lulu)

Crossover (2013)

Short stories
Sleep (2006)
Emma (2007)
Method Living (2008)
Flesh (2009)
The Caretakers (2010)
Rats (2013)
Evidence (2014)

Aurealis Awards Best Sci-fi Novel shortlist (2008): Remote Control
ACT Young Australian of the Year (2009)
National Year of Reading “Our Story” Collection shortlist (2012): Hit List
Nottinghamshire Brilliant Book Awards shortlist (2013): Money Run
Aurealis Awards Best Short Story shortlist (2013): Rats
Kids Own Australian Literature Award shortlist (2014): Hit List
Young Adult Best Book Award shortlist (2014): Hit List
Aurealis Awards Best Children’s book shortlist (2016): The Cut Out